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A free microchip registry service

This free microchip database service has been gifted to the people and residents of the United Arab Emirates - Registering your pet's microchip can help find your pet should it get lost or stolen.

Found a pet?

If you have found a pet, please check with the local vets to see if it has a microchip number. This service is normally free and takes no more than 10 seconds. If a microchip number is found, input the microchip number under 'Found a Pet' to see if it is a match in our database - You do not have to register to do this.

Lost a pet?

Please register their details by clicking 'Lost a Pet'.

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Find your pet with a microchipped sponsered advert

Get instant help to find your missing pet with Microchipped.

Alert individuals in your immediate area of your missing pet.

By placing a sponsored advert you can reach a wide audience via our accelerated paid for adverts which reach thousands of individuals on their social media feeds to help you find your pet quickly.

Real time sightings are reported to you.

We act quickly and your advert is generated and ran immediatly.

How it works

Step: 1 Generate your missing poster

Step 2. Choose an advert package

Step 3. The search begins

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Support our Trap Neuter Return (TNR) Project

Microchipped supports nationwide TNR Projects.

We can not do this without your help.

Please consider buying one of our TNR Virtual Gift Vouchers.

100%* of Gift Voucher Funds goes to our TNR Project (* less PayPal fees)

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Our Ultimate Aim

Brick by Brick, Screw by Screw, Nail by Nail we will build The ARC.

The ARC will be dedicated to the treatment, rehabilitation and welfare of sick and stray animals.

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